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    Hello, my name is Beth Ann Ahlgren.


I am 12 years old and am attending my sixth grader year at Muirlands Middle School. My classes are as follows: PE, Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading, and Language. I enjoy play basketball and soccer.  I have several brothers and sisters.  There names are the following: Joshua, Adina, Naomi, David, Roseann, Risa, and Jonathan. After school I an involved in Girl Scouts.   this is a picture of me, Evie. Roseann, and Risa dressed up for the father/ daughter dance.


I live with my aunt and uncle and my FAVORITE cousin in the whole world, Evie. Here are some pictures of us together at different occasions.

Hug Evie/Roseann/Beth Evie/Beth 

I moved to California from Guam summer of 1998.  I came with David, Roseann, Risa, and Jonathan.


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